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A company with good company

In our line of work, it’s inevitable that we have to get our heads down, work long days and spend a lot of time together. But we’ve got a great team, so we have fun whilst doing it.

You’ll often find us spending our breaks doubled over in laughter, in deep discussion or learning a new craft, together. Because we’re a team: a tribe of individuals that thrive in a fulfilling environment.

We’ve always been committed to welcoming great people to the company – regardless of their background, beliefs, what they look like, where they’re from, their physical ability or what gender they most associate with. We don’t even care which football team you want to support or whether you’re any good at baking (we have classes that can help remedy the latter).

We have four main teams – Arboriculture, Landscape, Ecology and our central ‘Hub‘ Team – made up of truly great people. So, come on in and get to know the faces behind TG…

Who we collaborate with

Team Tyler Grange

Aaron Grainger headshot

Aaron Grainger

Ecology Director

Amber Perrett headshot

Amber Perrett

Senior Ecologist

Amy Sherwin headshot

Amy Sherwin

Assistant Ecologist

Andrew Nimmo headshot

Andrew Nimmo

Special Operations Technician

Andy Cooper headshot

Andy Cooper

Technical Landscape Director

Angelina Riley headshot

Angelina Riley

Operations Manager

Anneliese Walker headshot

Anneliese Walker

Senior Landscape Consultant

Anthony Hiscocks headshot

Anthony Hiscocks

Ecology Consultant

Carly Goodman-Smith headshot

Carly Goodman-Smith

Ecology Director

Charlie Davies headshot

Charlie Davies

Landscape Consultant

Charlie Woods headshot

Charlie Woods

HUB Administrator

Charlotte Eva-Fenton headshot

Charlotte Eva-Fenton

Ecology Associate

Christian Cairns headshot

Christian Cairns

Ecology Consultant

Colin Pill  headshot

Colin Pill

Landscape Director

Conor Aynsley headshot

Conor Aynsley

Ecology Consultant

Dale Montiboys headshot

Dale Montiboys

Senior Ecologist

Dan Lock headshot

Dan Lock

Assistant Ecologist

David Paton headshot

David Paton

Assistant Ecologist

Duncan Murray headshot

Duncan Murray

Ecology Technical Director

Eleanor Walker headshot

Eleanor Walker

HUB Finance Assistant

Emma Withers headshot

Emma Withers

Ecology Assistant

Georgina Lees headshot

Georgina Lees

Landscape Consultant

Grace England headshot

Grace England

Ecology Graduate Ecologist

Harry Madeley  headshot

Harry Madeley

Head of Special Operations

Hazel Murrels headshot

Hazel Murrels

Ecology Associate

Heather Madeley headshot

Heather Madeley

HUB Administrator

Helen Brittain headshot

Helen Brittain

Practice Manager

Jack Jewell headshot

Jack Jewell

Landscape and Arboriculture Director

James Harmer headshot

James Harmer

Finance Director

Jamie Pratt headshot

Jamie Pratt

Arboriculture Associate

Jessica Whittaker headshot

Jessica Whittaker

Ecology Assistant

John Moorcroft headshot

John Moorcroft

Ecology Associate

John Polley headshot

John Polley

Ecology Associate

Jon Berry headshot

Jon Berry

Landscape Director

Joe Dance headshot

Joe Dance

Ecology Associate

Julian Arthur headshot

Julian Arthur

Ecology Director

Karishma Ladva headshot

Karishma Ladva

Landscape Consultant

Kat Cookes headshot

Kat Cookes

Landscape Graduate

Kate Peel headshot

Kate Peel

Landscape Graduate

Katherine Bubb headshot

Katherine Bubb

Senior Ecologist

Kay Geoghegan headshot

Kay Geoghegan

Quality and Data Manager

Kevin Beck headshot

Kevin Beck

Resilience Consultant

Leanne Deighton headshot

Leanne Deighton

Ecology Consultant

Lindsay Taylor headshot

Lindsay Taylor

Ecology Consultant

Louis Spencer headshot

Louis Spencer

Landscape and Arboriculture Consultant

Lucy Mason headshot

Lucy Mason

Ecology Assistant

Marcus Ainsworth headshot

Marcus Ainsworth

Arboriculture Graduate

Mari Jones headshot

Mari Jones

Ecology Assistant

Milly Marsh headshot

Milly Marsh

Administrator and HR Assistant

Milly Robinson headshot

Milly Robinson

Ecology Assistant

Misho Baxendale  headshot

Misho Baxendale

Senior Ecological Consultant

Nathan Jenkinson headshot

Nathan Jenkinson

Ecology Associate

Paul Webb headshot

Paul Webb

Senior Ecologist

Rebecca Freeman headshot

Rebecca Freeman

Ecology Consultant

Rebekah Baker headshot

Rebekah Baker

Ecology Consultant

Rob Anderson headshot

Rob Anderson

Arboriculture Senior Consultant

Rob Revolta headshot

Rob Revolta

Ecology Associate

Sara Curtis  headshot

Sara Curtis

Senior Ecologist

Simon Ursell headshot

Simon Ursell

Managing Director

Stephanie Coward headshot

Stephanie Coward

Senior Ecologist

Steven Coyne headshot

Steven Coyne

Ecological Consultant

Suzanne Clampin headshot

Suzanne Clampin

Landscape Associate

Tasha Hesketh headshot

Tasha Hesketh

Ecology Assistant

Tristan Loughrey headshot

Tristan Loughrey

Ecology Assistant

Wendy Lancaster headshot

Wendy Lancaster

Landscape Director

Zoe Durran headshot

Zoe Durran

Ecology Assistant

Join our team

Permanent Roles

Think Tyler Grange is your kind of team? Got the skills and experience to propel us forward? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by sending your CV to If you’re exactly what we’re looking for, we’ll be in touch to arrange an interview or a casual chat to explore what other options might be available to you.

Seasonal Roles

We regularly hold group orientation days for fresh talent to show us what they’re made of. Those invited along will typically be set tasks and challenges, giving them an opportunity to get to know other Assistant Ecologists and experience what it’s like to work for us.

We will announce upcoming sessions on our website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future opportunities!