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Dale Mortiboys

Ecology Associate

Dale Mortiboys

When did you start TG?


Where did you join TG from?

I joined from another ecology company. Before that I had worked in NZ for a few years. Before that I had spent many a year working in the UK and spending time in various jungles looking at frogs and snakes.

What is the main purpose of your role? Do you have any key specialisms?

To support the team on technical matters and train the TG team for field surveys and technical difficulties. I have NE licenses for bats, badger and GCN and also specialise in water vole and otter.

What drives you? What are your values? Do you support any initiatives outside of TG?

Being of benefit to the natural environment. To inspire a deeper connection to nature amongst my colleagues and clients.

What are your interests? Hobbies? Fun facts?

I am a bit of a book geek so spend a lot of time reading, wildlife tracking, various bushcrafty things. I like to spend as much time as possible in the hills hiking, camping and mountain biking. I tinker with playing bass and listening to music when inside the house.