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Hazel Murrells

Ecology Associate

Hazel Murrells

When did you start TG?


Where did you join TG from?

Ecus Ltd.

What is the main purpose of your role? Do you have any key specialisms?

I am the Team and Operations Lead for the South West Ecology Team covering the Cotswolds, Bristol and Exeter. I am responsible for team management, financial analysis and reporting and I also act as Project Director on numerous projects across a range of sectors, supporting more junior staff across the business in their role as Project Managers. I am a competent and proficient ecologist with over 15 years of experience in the environmental sector and whilst I do not have a specialism as such, I excel at project management and organisation, and I also have a soft spot for great crested newts!

What Drives you? What are your values? Do you support any initiatives outside TG?

I am driven by wanting to do what is right for our environment and to make the world a better place for my children. I would love my little boys to grow up into a flourishing natural environment without all the worries that we have today, and I believe that we all have a part to play to make this a reality. I hope that I am contributing to this ideal through both my work and by bringing my children up to understand how important the natural environment is and how it is essential to understand, protect and appreciate it. Outside of TG, I volunteer with the Gloucestershire Maternity and Neonatal Voices Partnership – their aim is to gather and understand feedback and experiences from women, birthing people and their families who are currently or have recently used maternity, neonatal and health visiting services in Gloucestershire, something that is close to my heart having had two babies in Gloucestershire in the last four years.

What are your interests? Hobbies? Fun facts?

I love hiking, swimming, running and reading a good book (Terry Pratchett is my absolute favourite – I have read every book at least five times!); however, these all take a backseat to raising my two gorgeous little boys at the moment so you will often find me scrabbling round on the floor helping to build boats and submarines out of megablocks or being chased round the dining room table by my eldest (aka Spiderman!)