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Simon Ursell


Simon Ursell

When did you start TG?


Where did you join TG from?

Waterman Group plc.

What is the main purpose of your role? Do you have any key specialisms?

As Chair of Tyler Grange my role is to provide support and guidance to the board of directors and to represent the shareholders of Tyler Grange.

I also provide business and strategic support to TG and the tribe in rider to help us become the very best we can be.

What drives you? What are your values? Do you support any initiatives outside of TG?

I am driven by helping others to achieve their ambitions, I am an advocate of social mobility as the only route to solve environmental challenges.

A board advisory to ambitious businesses that want to get bigger and do more.

A mentor and board advisor to Mindful Peak Performance, a mindfulness organisation that helps young people.

Co-host of the Bouncebackability Podcast.

Columnist in the Business Matters Magazine – The Uk’s Leading Business Magazine.

What are your interests? Hobbies? Fun facts?

Apart from pointing at things, and wanting to promote peace and love in the world, I play golf, coach rugby, practice mindfulness, and am a mental health advocate.  I also have a big appetite for reading and learning about new things, especially where they relate to helping people find their way in life.

I am happiest when laughing out loud with friends and family.