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Jon Berry

Managing Director

Jon Berry

When did you start TG?


Where did you join TG from?

Waterman Group.

What is the main purpose of your role? Do you have any key specialisms?

As Managing Director, my main responsibility relates to the performance of the business and the delivery of our overall strategy. However, beyond that more formal description, I’m very much at the heart of our business purpose, ensuring that we live our values and that we explore new ideas, innovations and collaborations. As a chartered landscape architect and qualified arboricultural consultant with over 25 years’ experience, you’ll also see my continued role as an expert witness, taking complex and challenging projects through the appeal process.

What drives you? What are your values? Do you support any initiatives outside of TG?

I’m definitely a ‘glass half full’ sort of person. Hugely motivated by actions, ideas and other people’s passion for things. An optimist, with a playful desire to make the world a better place. Linked to our 4-day week commitments and as a certified B Corp, I enjoy engaging with B Lab UK and the Better Business Network. I’m also involved with ELBA (East London Business Alliance), and I volunteer regularly for Park Run alongside Farms for City Children. I am also curating my own ‘Kindness Project’, exploring and documenting random acts of kindness.

What are your interests? Hobbies? Fun facts?

I’m a huge music fan and collector of vinyl records. From funk and soul, to indie and electronica, you’ll often find me seeking out the next live concert or spending hours searching the record racks in shops around the UK. I also enjoy walking, and spend lots of my Friday’s out with Freshwalks (, where we inevitably end up an amazing country pub.