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What’s it like being a Tyler Grange partner?

15 Oct 2023

We recently spotlighted the progression of our partner scheme. Now, let’s get a firsthand view.  

Introducing Chantelle Schulz. You might recall her as our Associate Landscape Consultant. She recently shifted from a full-time position to a partner role. Dive into Chantelle’s reasons for this transition, how her job has transformed, and get an inside glimpse of life as a Tyler Grange partner. 

Why did you become a TG partner?

“My life is currently centred around my two children, aged three and five. My youngest has a rare genetic condition, and she requires support that’s unpredictable. Stepping into a partner role means I can be there for them without putting my job on the back burner. 

 “Becoming a partner gave me the flexibility I needed to work and still dive into the things I love.” 

 “I’ve also got interests I wanted to pursue outside of landscape planning. Before becoming a landscape architect, my background was in zoology. I’ve just jumped back into it with a course on clinical animal behaviour. I’ve been painting for a while too and with some art commissions coming in, it’s getting busier. Being a partner has given me the freedom to chase these pursuits.”  

What’s it like being a partner?

“It’s early days, but I’ve got a leg up since I already know the team and the partnership scheme works. But even if I was coming in fresh, Tyler Grange has this seamless system—from onboarding to finance—making it easy to hit the ground running.  

“In many ways, it feels just like when I was a full-timer. I still get to use the office, attend training, join team meetings, and have fun at social events. Plus, I’m still mentoring some of our team members.  

“When Tyler Grange says partners are part of the tribe, they mean it.” 

“Working directly with clients is a new adventure for me in this partner role. I value client relationships and maintaining those relationships is something I truly enjoy and plan to keep on doing.” 

How has your day-to-day work changed?

“In my previous role, my days were filled with a whirlwind of varied tasks. Now, as a partner, I’m assigned to more specific tasks. This shift means someone else will handle team and project management, giving me the freedom to design my days.  

“I’m currently working four days a week like a permanent employee. I’m dedicating one day to my clinical animal behaviour course. If I want to volunteer in the mornings to gain hands-on experience, I can seamlessly fit it into my schedule. 

“The freedom to choose and decline tasks has been liberating, offering a sense of mental freedom I hadn’t appreciated before.” 

“It’s also allowed me to better align my workload with the school calendar. During the summer holidays, when it’s tough to accommodate without resorting to holiday clubs for my children, I can lighten my workload. Conversely, I can ramp it up during term time.” 

What challenges do you anticipate in your new role?

“Although some might fear communication barriers in such roles, I don’t think it will be a problem. Tyler Grange’s resourcing team is particularly adept at distributing roles seamlessly between the company and partners like me, streamlining the process. 

“My only real apprehension is the inherent unpredictability that comes with freelancing. There can be periods of ebb and flow rather than a steady work stream. Yet, while no situation is guaranteed, my trust in Tyler Grange reassures me that I’m in good hands, anticipating a consistent source of work.” 


What are your goals as a Tyler Grange partner?

“My primary aim is to maintain a strong relationship with the company and my colleagues. Alongside that, I’m committed to making the most of the continuous learning opportunities through the Tyler Grange Academy. 

“This includes their vast range of training and personal development sessions. Not to mention, the wellbeing initiatives like the monthly catch-ups with Dr. Suzanne Brown remain a staple in my calendar. 

“All these tools and support mean I can keep enhancing my skills. And as I grow, I can offer even more to the company, particularly in expanding the quality and array of services we deliver to clients.” 

What advice would you give to potential partners?

“If you’re on the team and mulling over the idea of becoming a partner, have that conversation with your Team Lead. It’s a dialogue that won’t jeopardise your standing with the company. They’re all ears and your thoughts will be met with genuine respect, openness and honesty.  Tyler Grange’s approach is always, ‘How can we best support you?’ They pull out all the stops to find a setup that feels right for you. It’s not something you come across every day.” 

“For anyone else on the fence about becoming a partner at Tyler Grange, they’ve got this partnership thing down to a fine art. Embrace the role, and you’ll find newfound confidence to explore avenues you might’ve once sidestepped—all while being treated as an invaluable member of the team. So, just go for it.” 

Let’s team up

Moved by Chantelle’s journey? Becoming a partner at Tyler Grange could be your next big move, especially if you’re craving that added flexibility to pursue sidelined dreams without sidelining your career.  

Plus, for smaller businesses, it’s a ticket to big projects you might’ve thought were out of reach. Dive into a diverse project pool and give your team the experience they’ve been waiting for. 

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