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Dreaming big, acting bigger: the TG partner scheme

19 Sep 2023

Our vision for the Tyler Grange partnership scheme was always ambitious – redefining the standard subcontracting model for the industry. Yes, we’ve faced challenges along the way, but our commitment to enhancing the experience for our partners (and consequently, our clients) remains unwavering.  

Let’s explore where we are, where we’re going, and how it impacts everyone involved.  

We wanted to offer our partners more

When we dreamed up the Tyler Grange partnership, it was big. We pictured a world where our partners didn’t just get by but thrived—boosting their personal brands with marketing pros, sharpening their books with top accountants, and scaling new professional heights. 

But, there was a snag. Turns out, some of our offerings tiptoed around IR35 rules. This meant a few of our promises didn’t see the light of day, and for that, we’re sorry. 

We're not done though 

We’re rolling up our sleeves, back to the drawing board. Come rain or shine, we’re committed to crafting perks that’ll help our partners progress like never before. All we ask? A little patience while we figure things out.  

And hey, our partners are still rocking benefits that make them feel every bit a part of the Tyler Grange family.  

They’re welcome in our offices

Our offices aren’t just spaces filled with desks and chairs; they’re hubs of collaboration and camaraderie. And there’s a spot for our partners, too. We don’t believe in an “us and them” divide; whether they’re in the office or working remotely, they’re one of us.

They’re invited to team outings

We regularly do Freshwalks as a team and other fun activities. Our partners are always on the guest list. They can join us to turn a regular day into a “Why did we do that?” kind of story … you know, the ones we’ll laugh about for years to come.  

They have access to all training opportunities

We’ve unlocked a wealth of training opportunities for our partners who have full access to our TG Academy. On the horizon is our online training portal, debuting in 2024. With this platform, our partners will boost their expertise, benefiting both individually and collectively. Together, we enhance the value for our clients, shaping a future where everyone wins. 

They experience a tailored partnership

Recognising the diverse tapestry of our partnership network, we adapt to everyone’s unique strengths and requirements. Everyone deserves an even playing field. Whether a partner hails from a different background or has specific needs, we’re here to make sure our collaboration is seamless. Plus, based on continuous feedback, we’re refining and elevating our partnership offer, always pushing for better. 

We're on the upswing, and it's thanks to our partners 

The benefits we provide (and hope to develop in the near future) reflect the valuable role our partners play in our growth. 

In our last financial year, we collaborated with 108 TG partners on over 377 projects across the UK. 

As our partners tackle more projects in ecology, landscape planning, and arboriculture, it’s freed up some precious hours for our directors and senior consultants. More hours for the things that improve our business, like levelling up the team and improving our service. 

 With our increased pool of skilled partners, we’re also taking on heftier, more complex projects. Also, instead of being a “third party” (the team that’s called in by the main contractor to chip in), we’re now often the “direct supplier”—the primary go-to team clients hire straight off the bat for their core needs. This shift is huge for us. Not only does it highlight our growing reputation, but it also means we get to be hands-on from the get-go on some amazing projects. 

As we’ve soared, we’ve stumbled too

When we kicked off our partnership scheme, here’s how it rolled: a fresh job lands, and one of our consultants would be the ringleader, dishing out tasks to our partners. But those consultants were already juggling lots of responsibilities. Spread too thin, wires sometimes got crossed, leading to ineffective communication and other headaches. 

So, we pivoted …

… by introducing a dedicated Resourcing Team. They efficiently distribute roles between the business and Tyler Grange partners, making the whole process streamlined and focused. This has created a more transparent and organised overview of a partner’s work commitments and requirements. 

 The Resourcing Team also manages partner vetting. By knowing each partner’s skills, experience and strengths, we ensure the right fit for every project. For potential partners, this means being part of a team where their unique skills truly shine. For our clients, this meticulous process guarantees consistent quality. 

The best is yet to come

We want to be the go-to consultancy for freelance experts in ecology, arboriculture, and landscape planning, whether they’re flying solo or leading a tight-knit team.  

We’re aiming to set the gold standard for how these collaborations should roll. Our plan? Grow our network, beef up our resourcing team, and make sure our communication game is on point. And we want every TG partner to feel they’re in the heart of the action, not just watching from the sidelines. 

But we can’t get there without feedback. Whether you’re a partner or client, Loop us in. Share your experience, spill the beans on what’s great, and let us know where we can step up.  

Eyeing a spot in the TG partnership circle? Apply today 

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