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Do our values align?

28 Apr 2022

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.” -Elvis Presley

We have strong values 

We want to share them with the people we work with, and we want to learn from them, too. When we work with someone who ‘gets’ us and we ‘get’ them, it feels right, and we know we’re on a path to doing great things together. For us, a reflection of shared codes and ethics is the key to success.

Our values are below. Have a look, see how we work, and see if they look like something you hold dear in your business just like we do. If it looks like we have the same principles at heart, the chances are we’re going to get on just fine. 


We want to make the world a better place socially and environmentally, so we approach everything we do with care and attention. Our work has deep ecological roots, we want to look after our tribe with the same care and accountability that we look after our environment every day.  


We find the right balance between caring for nature without compromising our commitment to your project. With the right care, we achieve the results that work both for you and for our environment.  


For us, it’s non-negotiable; we work with people who care. If sustainability, accountability and caring for your people aren’t your thing, then neither are we.


We belong to a tribe, sharing our time with each other in work and in play. Our tribe are engaged in meaningful connection with our values and with each other as well. To us, Tyler Grange isn’t just where we go to work, it’s a part of who we are and it’s special to each of us.  

When we can share a sense of belonging with each other, it makes our relationships more meaningful and galvanises it for the future. When we work with someone, we want to bring them into our tribe and share success with them, looking out for each other like we belong to the same family.


We encourage our tribe to be brave. We want to try new and exciting things and try to make this happen, every day. When our people have the freedom to express themselves and share ideas, great things happen.  

We want to share our opportunities with the people we work with and learn from them as we do. If you’re excited by opportunity, have an incessant curiosity and always want to find ways to improve together, we’re your kind of people. 


Who doesn’t want to enjoy what they do? We want our tribe and our clients to enjoy their work and play as much as possible. Having fun is an important part of our work, we brew our own beer, so you know we take our enjoyment pretty seriously.  

We want to work with people who not only enjoy what they do, but share their success with their people and partners so that we can all celebrate together. You can have a beer on us, too, and maybe even expect a fun treat or two in the post!


Saving the biggest one for last. It’s the foundation on which any decent relationship is build and it’s at the centre of everything we do. That’s why we’re honestly sharing our values with you; because we want to foster meaningful working relationships with our clients who see the world through a similar lens as us.  

We’re honest with each other within our tribe. Good or bad, happy or sad. If we can’t share feedback openly then we know we’ll never improve. If we can’t be honest with our clients then we’ll never get real, lasting relationships. 

We’re in it for the long haul and if you’re not – it’s not going to work out. Just being honest.

It’s about looking to the future

Our values are as old as we are, and just as important today as they were when we started. Our work demands that we care – about our environments, our communities and our individuals.  

That’s why they’re so important to us. We want to work with people who have a similar outlook, approaching what they do with a sense of fun and purpose. It’s about making sure we’re all pulling in the same direction because ultimately, it’s about making the future better for all of us.   

Get in touch with us today on and find out what great things we can do together.  

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