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Cardiff calling: the story behind our new office

6 Feb 2024

Our Cardiff office is open for business! 

Currently located in a swish coworking space, it’s the beginning of something special. Owain Keeley, our Associate Landscape Consultant, is at the forefront of Tyler Grange’s expansion into Wales. He shares his journey and the exciting opportunities this new office brings for us and our clients. 

Explore the why behind Wales and what unique insights and services our Cardiff office has to offer. With a focus on sustainable and environmentally conscious planning, we’re set to make a significant impact in the region. 

From dream(catcher) to reality

Since joining Tyler Grange in 2022, Owain has been passionate about expanding to Wales. He recalls bringing his vision to the directors, “I just wanted to see what they’d think, especially since I live in Cardiff and know the planning system.” This sparked more in-depth discussions in a dreamcatcher session with mentors Anneliese Walker and Harry Madeley.  

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Owain’s proposal for a Cardiff office was met with lots of support. “It was taken seriously from the very start,” he reflects. “The directors were helpful, joining me in client meetings and CPD events, showing genuine interest in making the Cardiff office a reality.”  

This encouragement was a turning point, leading to the creation of a detailed business plan. Thanks to the positive client feedback, the plan received approval from management, marking the start of Tyler Grange’s new chapter in Cardiff. 

Sounds great, but why Cardiff?

Local insights fuelling expansion 

Our leap into Cardiff isn’t a shot in the dark. It’s a carefully considered move. “Having lived and worked here as a landscape architect for the past 6 years, I know Cardiff and the Welsh planning system very well,” Owain shares. His local connections, combined with Tyler Grange’s track record of winning projects in Wales, create a solid base for our Cardiff presence. 

Filling a market gap 

Spotting a gap in Cardiff’s consultancy landscape, Owain sees a prime opportunity. “There’s a real niche here for our kind of work,” he remarks, paving the way for Tyler Grange’s innovative and forward-thinking approaches. 

Expertise in Planning Policy Wales 

Owain brings specialised expertise to our Cardiff office as a Building With Nature assessor, with extensive knowledge of Planning Policy Wales. This insight, focusing on high-quality green infrastructure and drainage, aligns with our commitment to environmentally responsible practices. Owain’s ongoing exposure to the unique Welsh context will deepen his expertise, benefiting Tyler Grange’s approaches and strategies across all our UK offices. 

Opportunities for local impact  

Owain also highlights how there’s “an increasing demand for ecological work in Wales and the chance to collaborate with local housing associations. Hopefully this will provide us unique opportunities to engage with community-focused projects and contribute to local development.”  

What to expect from our Cardiff office 

Our Cardiff office may be starting small, but it’s mighty, with Owain leading the charge. As an Associate Landscape Consultant and Building With Nature assessor, he’s tackling the projects head-on.  

“It’s just me for now,” he notes, “but there’s a strong backing from our Southwest team. They’re supporting ecology, landscape and arboriculture, and there’s already a network of local partners thanks to our recent successes in the area.”  

” I don’t think it will be long before we’ll be taking a look at recruitment. We’ve got multiple projects on the go in Wales,” Owain adds, “and we’re planning to grow our team organically, recruiting across various disciplines to keep up with our expansion. “

Where to find us

Visit our Cardiff office in Pontcanna, at Desg coworking space, 11-13 Penhill Road.

The coworking space is modern and dog-friendly – a must-have for us at Tyler Grange! It overlooks the lovely Llandaff Fields and offers an array of facilities like hot-desks, private offices, meeting rooms, a gym and a lounge. “Desg is also opposite a fantastic park,” Owain adds. “Perfect for a client meetup or a lunchtime stroll with your dog.” 

In the future, we’re thinking of making Desg our long-term home by upgrading to a private office within the same building. This will allow us to maintain the benefits of Desg’s dynamic coworking community while providing a dedicated space for more focused work and client interactions. So, we can adapt to the growing demands of our business and clients in Cardiff. 

Drop in and say hello

Located in Wales and need help with a project, or just fancy checking out our cool new space? Feel free to pop by. We’re always open to visitors – just let us know when you’re interested in dropping in. 

Keep an eye out for our opening party too. We’ll share more details in the future. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for the latest about our Cardiff office (and other exciting TG news!). 

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