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B Corp month 2023: why we started a journey that will never end

16 Mar 2023

We have recently become a B Corp company

After years of preparation, collaboration and hard work, we finally got the certification in November 2022. Its an achievement that we‘re very proud of and it’s been in the making since the first day we started talking about building a business 13 years ago.  

But why is it so important to us?  

As March is a B Corp month, we thought it was a perfect time to reflect on why we worked so hard toward this prestigious accreditation. What started us on the journey, what we’ve accomplished, how has it affected our company and what does it mean for our future?

Right from our very first meeting as a company, we knew that we wanted to ‘give something back’. We founded Tyler Grange on four values that are very personal to us:  

  • To provide exceptional service 
  • To build a great place to work 
  • To make a positive impact on communities 
  • To stay on top of environmental challenges 

It was at the heart of everything we did, and we’ve been true to that ever since.  

Our first step towards it was to give all our employees one paid day a month to volunteer for a cause that was important to them. Since then, weve been striving to improve our social and environmental performance further and further. 

We have developed our equality, diversity and inclusion in the company, worked tirelessly to reduce our environmental impact and collaborated with hundreds of charities over the last 13 years. We’ve incorporated ethical sources of procurement, such as the social supermarket. We’ve established a unique and deep level of emotional and wellbeing support by working with inhouse psychologists. We have begun the electrification of our journeys, which is growing and growing every day.  

One of the most impactful things we’ve recently done at Tyler Grange is the implementation of a four-day working week across the board, with no loss of pay to our employees. As a matter of fact, we’ve even increased our pay. It’s had nothing but positive results.  

As a follow-on from the four-day week, we’ve also developed an app to support the positive impact it’s had on our teams. It’s designed to measure our employees’ fatigue levels and give an indication of their happiness and satisfaction at work. We see it as an important metric to check in on the wellbeing of our team. 

Why do we do it all?

Although we’re incredibly proud to get the certification, becoming a B Corp company is not a final destination for us. It’s not where our journey ends. We know we’ll never be the finished article; the world moves too quickly for that work ever to be done. 

That’s why our B Corp journey has been so important for us. It’s a vehicle that allows us to continue to change and improve. It’s enabled us to learn more about ourselves, the impact we have and the impact we want to have.

It’s given us targets to aim for and encouraged us to look beyond them and try harder, go further, do better.

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