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The Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024 – almost not featuring Tyler Grange

14 May 2024

By Jon Berry, Managing Director

“I may be in last place, it may have been a poor jump, but everyone seems to be pleased. Why? Because of the Olympic ideal – the most important thing is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.”

Having just finished the autobiography of Eddie the Eagle (My Story), the passage of text above really resonated with me on Sunday morning. Why? Because I was eagerly awaiting the published results of the Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024 to see if Tyler Grange had made the final cut.

I was quietly confident, as the highlights from our team engagement survey undertaken by WorkL had revealed an impressive 89% engagement score (against an industry average of 15%) with 95% feeling proud of the organisation they worked within and only a 2% flight risk. As a B Corp environmental consultancy, I was also encouraged that 95% of our business agreed that we are treating sustainability as a priority and backing it with action. 

Scanning the finalists list for the medium-sized businesses category, the name Tyler Grange didn’t appear.

Inevitable disappointment kicked-in, but also huge admiration for the other businesses that had shown such initiative and creativity in pursuit of being the best place to work. In all honesty, the disappointment quickly turned to resolve. How could we make Tyler Grange even better for our people and the planet. My mind was already buzzing with ideas. 

However, over the space of the next few hours and the back and forwards of emails, it became clear that the story wasn’t over for Tyler Grange, there was an epic plot twist. 

We had indeed made the final list, but a publishing error had seen our name omitted.

My immediate response was one of laughter. This was such a perfect way to find out that we had – in fact – achieved our goal of being one of the best employers in the UK. We have always liked doing things differently at Tyler Grange and that – it seems – also applies to awards listings.  

There was nobody to blame for this mistake. In fact, I’d like to thank all of those involved at The Sunday Times for kicking my own winning bias into touch. The thought of failure in making the list ignited my motivation, tested my resilience, and gave me an amazing opportunity to further improve our business. 

Eddie the Eagle is right. I’d be proud not to make the shortlist, as ultimately this experience has taught me to enjoy the process, no matter how challenging, and not just to focus on the end result.  

Perhaps you are considering entering The Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2025? If so, enjoy the ride and embrace the feedback. If you’re lucky, you too might be given the foresight of missing the cut! 

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