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Welcome to the Tribe – introducing the newest members of our team

16 Nov 2022

Since the start of our successful trial of a 4-day working week here at Tyler Grange, we’ve welcomed a couple of new additions to our Tribe. We sat down together with them and asked a few questions to find out how things are going so far and why they decided to join our business.  

Wilson Scott- Arboricultural consultant

Olivia McKechnie – Ecological consultant  

Chantelle Schulz – Associate Landscape Consultant 

Why did you want to join the Tribe?  


I met a few people from Tyler Grange in 2020 at a careers event during university and I spoke to them about a potential graduate position. I was due to start in May then the pandemic stopped everything in its tracks. Later, TG got back in touch with me, looking to recruit again and here I’ve been loving it ever since. 


I have been an Ecological Consultant for 4 years prior to joining Tyler Grange. I’d seen social media posts from TG, working in the sector, but I’d never taken a deep look into their values and ethos until I started looking for a new job. As soon as I read everything on the website, I knew it was the right place for me. I applied and then I didn’t apply anywhere else because I knew that if I didn’t get the job here, I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!  


Tyler Grange’s reputation preceded them. I knew a lot of the projects they’d worked on; I knew of the people that worked here. When I first started looking at a role, it quickly became apparent that the company meets a lot of my own values, it’s very forward thinking and quite dynamic. I really wanted to be in an environment where I could learn and teach others in turn, which is what TG offers.  It’s good to be in a Tribe.

What do you think of the 4-day week?


My feeling about the 4-day week is that your weekend belongs to you rather than losing a day to fatigue or ‘life admin’! And productivity has gone through the roof for us. Everyone’s happy. It’s a win-win. 


I think the benefit that impacts me most day-to-day is the support you receive from the team. Since my first day, everyone has been incredibly welcoming. When I originally got told about the 4-day week, I wanted to put that aside, mentally. Obviously, it’s an amazing bonus but I didn’t want that to sway my opinion. Even if we did have to work five days, it’d still be a brilliant atmosphere. To me, it means that coming to work is fun. I really like it. I look forward to it on a Monday instead of having the ‘Sunday fear’! 


I think it’s what drives the productivity. Everyone at TG is working together as a team with the same focus and passion, to work together and communicate effectively so that the 4 Day week is a success. You’re doing it as a team, everyone’s on the same page. There’s a level of understanding and community about it.

What are your future goals?


One of my main goals is to be a chartered forester. When I first started university, I had in mind ‘this is what I want to achieve’. It’s quite a long process, it can take about five to six years. I need a mentor that can help me get there. I spoke to TG about it and they set out to find someone that can mentor me. They’re really supportive.  


One of my main goals was to get a better work-life balance. I think I’ve actually already achieved that just within the first month of being here! TG encourages everyone to have a life outside of work, I think that ultimately makes you more interested in your work and more efficient too. I also want to develop my technical skills. Long term, I want to develop into biodiversity net gain because I find that really interesting. In the next few years, I want to think about starting a family. It’s a great comfort to know that big, important personal decisions like that are supported by TG.  


I joined TG largely because of the support that they have within the Tribe. From that perspective, my goals have always been to learn and improve and grow in my particular field. What’s been really positive, and quite exciting, are the opportunities to change and grow. You don’t have to have a really specific goal in mind, you have the opportunity to explore where you might want to go.

I’ve not just got one interest. You know, I like landscape planning, that’s my job. But it’s not necessarily where I see myself kind of maintaining a sole role in that. You want to evolve as a person, don’t you? And that includes evolving your role, which is entirely possible at TG.

And the hardest part?


For me, the challenging part was having to learn new aspects of the job that I hadn’t experienced before. I think that’s challenging for anyone. I might still feel out of my comfort zone, but it always seems to work with the great support I get from the Tribe.  


I think an obvious challenge is the late nights and early mornings but that’s an inherent part of ecology work. TG are actively committed to ensuring we don’t get fatigued from the demanding surveys. There are things in place to make sure that we’re safe and looked after. The work can be unpredictable and plans do change last minute. It just takes being organised and a lot of forward planning; you do get used to being more adaptable.  


I think the most challenging part might be in the first month, getting to learn the systems and processes to enable me to be organised and streamlined and productive. Which you need to be for the four-day week! Part of the culture of Tyler Grange is open communication and transparency but it also means there’s a lot of communication. It’s challenging, to figure out how to prioritise the information that’s coming at you sometimes.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join our Tribe?  


It is as good as they say it is! It’s very rare to find a place where you feel excited to go to work on a Monday morning. The 4-day week is great, but you have to be prepared to put the time in and make sure you’re getting everything done – it’s not easy. Finally, don’t be afraid to have an opinion. I think having a diverse opinion in the Tribe does create a better working environment and makes us better at what we do. Be willing to get involved. We’re called a Tribe for a reason. We all get stuck in and it works. 


Is the grass greener?  

Yeah. The grass is luscious and green. 

BUT make sure you do your research. Go through the website and see if your values match up with Tyler Grange, that’s really important. Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, not just for a 4-day working week, because you won’t get very far if your values don’t match up.  


The advice would be – trust. Just trust people, they’re there to help you. And ask for help because people will. People will drop everything to help you. Be prepared to be open to new ways of working and new ways of thinking!

Like the sound of our Tribe? 

Find out more about us here. If our values align, we’d love to hear from you.  

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