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George Siskos

Ecology Associate

George Siskos

When did you start TG?


Where did you join TG from?

Wood Plc

What is the main purpose of your role? Do you have any key specialisms?

As an Associate Consultant Ecologist I conduct ecological assessments, and deliver recommendations to clients in a clear and concise manner. With extensive knowledge and experience of species and habitat conservation, as well as environmental legislation I help our clients navigate complex ecological challenges and solutions which offer a positive outcome for biodiversity.

What Drives you? What are your values? Do you support any initiatives outside of  TG?

I’m driven by a deep passion for the natural world and a desire to protect and preserve our planet’s rich biodiversity for future generations to enjoy. My values centre around sustainability, scientific rigor, and a commitment to ethical and responsible business practices as well as increasing the number of people interested in biodiversity in the big city (having grown up in central London myself). Outside of my work at TG, I’m in ELBA Leaders in Partnership initiative as well helping out on the committee of my local allotment!

What are your interests? Hobbies? Fun facts?

When I’m not chasing birds and bats, you’ll catch me speeding around on my bike, making a splash in the pool, or pounding the pavement on a run. Ironman? No sweat! I’ve got the endurance of a marathon runner and the green thumb of a garden guru, thanks to my thriving no-dig allotment. And if that’s not enough to keep me on my toes, my latest addition to my tribe – a newborn baby – has kicked things up a notch!