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Mental health – why it’s top of the agenda at TG

3 Aug 2021

Mental Health isn’t just at the top of our agenda. It is our agenda. 

There’s literally nothing more important to us than the happiness of our people.  

And that’s not because happier people equals better productivity. Sure, the business benefits are nice.  

But the real reward is knowing that our people are thriving. That they are getting the most from this crazy ride we call life.  

“That sounds admirable,” you say. “But what exactly are you doing to make it happen?” 

Since you asked so nicely … 


Unwinding like a pro

These days, it’s easy for the boundaries between work and life to blur. That’s a recipe for stress – without any clear separation, it’s difficult to relax when you’re not working. 

But taking a break and ‘doing nothing’ makes it challenging to switch off. What you need is an engaging activity to truly take your mind off work.  

Enter community days. We encourage our people to spend one day a month doing something that’s simultaneously fun and beneficial for our local communities, like coaching a rugby team or planting wildflowers.  

On top of this, we frequently socialise as teams outside of work. And because we do fun (and sometimes a little mad) activities together, we’re usually too distracted to think or talk about work. So, just like our community days, we get a real chance to unwind and draw that important line between work and life.  

Decluttering the brain

Our brains are full of stuff. Anxieties about the future. Concerns about the past. Hopes and dreams. What we’re having for dinner. Sometimes it’s all just too much, and what you need more than anything is help unpacking it all. 

That’s why we have mentors within and outside of the business. Our people can choose who they want as a mentor (it can be one person or many). They spend quality time together, talking about anything from how they’re doing at work to what their dreams are for the future.  

For those who want to fulfill a lifelong goal, a mentor can be their dreamcatcher.  

The mentee gains the space to be completely honest; there’s little more disheartening than sitting on a dream because you’re too afraid to talk about it. We listen and do everything in our power to make that dream a reality – even if that means a career change.  

garden of tranquility

Normalising counselling

We’ve been providing free counselling to the team for years.  

Anyone at Tyler Grange can use the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BCAP) directory to find an accredited counsellor best suited to their needs. And they can have counselling sessions for as long as they need them. 

We offer this because, to us, counselling is as essential as exercise. You don’t need to suffer from a chronic mental health issue to justify counselling. It’s a necessary part of staying fit and healthy, helping you build the resilience needed to deal with life’s challenges and be happy. 

Become a part of our team, and you’ll hear a lot about counselling from Simon and the other MDs. Yep, leaders need counselling too! And they know that by talking about their own experiences, they can help crush the stigma around this topic and encourage others to seek support.  

Maximising emotional health

A few years ago, Dr. Suzanne Brown – a Clinical Psychologist, ISTDP Psychotherapist and Director at Emotionally Connected – delivered a captivating talk on the relationship between mental health and performance in business. We attended that workshop, and to this day we are still talking about it!  

Rollback to a few months ago. A realisation was building; when it came to supporting our staff with their mental health, we were a little out of depth and needed more external support.  

So we got back in touch with Suzanne to ask for help. And she said yes! We’ve achieved so much since then, as Suzanne shares: 

“I’ve been doing monthly, three-day workshops around different topics with Tyler Grange’s leaders. I wanted to start with the leadership first; it’s important for them to experience the process themselves so they can build their self-awareness, mental fitness and empathy to better understand and support their people.  

“We’ve done three workshops so far, exploring areas such as our values and how to align ourselves with them, the role of stress and how to manage it, plus communicating with others and managing conflict.  

“Following each workshop, we have 1-on-1s. I basically say, ‘This hour is for you. How can I be of help?’ This gives them the freedom to talk about anything that’s troubling them in a safe and confidential environment. I also talk about the importance of celebrating the wins and how that can make a huge difference to our wellbeing. 

We’re going to be covering a lot more in the future, from emotional fitness and performance to imposter syndrome. I can’t wait. Collaborating with Tyler Grange is a fantastic experience. People really watch what you do rather than what you say. And Tyler Grange keeps on sending the message that they genuinely do care by taking part in these kinds of things and encouraging their people to do the same.” 

Be the happiest you can be

Want to join an environmental consultancy that puts your mental health first? Encourages you to pursue your dreams? Equips you with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the most challenging of situations?  

Get in touch! You can call us on 01285 831804 or email us at

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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