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25 Aug 2021


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There’s literally nothing more important to us than the happiness of our people.  

And that’s not because happier people equals better productivity. Sure, the business benefits are nice.  

But the real reward is knowing that our people are thriving. That they are getting the most from this crazy ride we call life.  

“That sounds admirable,” you say. “But what exactly are you doing to make it happen?” 

Since you asked so nicely … 

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These days, it’s easy for the boundaries between work and life to blur. That’s a recipe for stress – without any clear separation, it’s difficult to relax when you’re not working. 

But taking a break and ‘doing nothing’ makes it challenging to switch off. What you need is an engaging activity to truly take your mind off work.  

Enter community days. We encourage our people to spend one day a month doing something that’s simultaneously fun and beneficial for our local communities, like coaching a rugby team or planting wildflowers.  

On top of this, we frequently socialise as teams outside of work. And because we do fun (and sometimes a little mad) activities together, we’re usually too distracted to think or talk about work. So, just like our community days, we get a real chance to unwind and draw that important line between work and life.  

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