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Building with nature

29 Apr 2021

How to achieve the UK’s first Green Infrastructure accreditation with Tyler Grange.

During the past year, the simple joy that we found in green spaces on our doorsteps has brought to the forefront the importance of access to nature and making room for it in our villages, towns and cities. 

Are you a developer that understands the value of welldesigned, integrated greenspace that benefits wildlife and people?  Then it’s time you got credit for it!   

Building with Nature is the UK’s first benchmark that recognises the value of well-designed green infrastructure. Developed by Dr Gemma Jerome, it’s a process-driven accreditation that puts nature and people at the heart of development. Music to our ears!  

Now, you can work with Tyler Grange to achieve Building with Nature accreditationwith our team of Green Infrastructure experts that includetwo Approved BwN Assessors.

We’re oozing with creative solutions and can help you meet the standards to get the BwN stamp of approval. 

BwN accreditation is a cost-effective verification process.

What is Building with Nature, and who is it for?

Building with Nature is a place-making approach for developers and policymakers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to prioritise weaving Green Infrastructure through each site they work on.

BwN accreditation is a cost-effective verification process that works alongside other approaches including Biodiversity Net Gain and Natural Capital.

How does Building with Nature work?

A qualitative rather than quantitative system, Building with Nature comprises 23 standards that align with current legislation, policy and practice.  

Working with an accredited assessor, developers and policymakers design greener schemes that intuitively complement their natural surroundings, add value to ecosystems and individuals, reduce planning uncertainty and ensure the entire process runs more smoothly.  

Your TG assessor will be involved in your project throughout every stage – including a 12-month post-completion check – to ensure you don’t simply plan Building with Nature standards, but you successfully implement them, too. 

Once your assessor has completed your assessment score sheet, we’ll send it off to Building with Nature for auditing.  

If you successfully gain BwN accreditation, your project may also be eligible to go through to a national awards scheme, offering developers further potential benefits. 

What are the benefits of Building with Nature for developers?

BwN accreditation is a cost-effective verification process that works alongside other approaches including Biodiversity Net Gain and Natural Capital. Plus, it’s a GI benchmark for the whole project lifecycle. 

The key driver for Building with Nature is creating high-quality Green Infrastructure-led developments.  

The great news for you is that doing so unlocks a host of potential advantages, like: 

Smoother and quicker planning process

Higher levels of confidence around planning consent

Uplifted property value

Potential for awards

Better public consultation experiences and public relations potential

Ability to create a stronger project narrative you can be proud of

More collaboration, bringing disciplines together

Checking service to make sure consultants are performing effectively

Robust external verification

Spotlight best practice

Why were the Building with Nature standards developed?

The 23 Building with Nature standards combine to ensure projects deliver optimal benefits to people and the environment.

What are the 23 Building with Nature standards?

Assessors are specially trained to recognise the different ways each of the following qualitative standards can be met.  Here are all 23 of the Building with Nature standards: 

 Core standards 

  • Multi-functional network 
  • Contextual  
  • Policy-responsive 
  • Climate-resilient 
  • Future-proof 

Wellbeing standards 

  • Accessible 
  • Inclusive 
  • Seasonal enjoyment 
  • Locally relevant 
  • Socially sustainable 
  • Distinctive 

Water standards 

  • Quantity 
  • Quality 
  • Amenity and biodiversity 
  • Innovative 
  • Resilient 
  • Locally distinctive 

Wildlife standards 

  • Bigger and better 
  • More joined-up 
  • Locally relevant 
  • Nature-rich development 
  • Ecological networks 
  • Sensitive construction 

What sort of developments is Building with Nature for?

Building with Nature is for projects of all sizes, ranging from micro-developments through small, medium, large and strategic-level developments.  

The standards can be applied at any scale. 

Building with Nature is a voluntary accreditation that makes commercial sense.

Is Building with Nature a paid-for service?

The Building with Nature standards are freely available, so any policymaker or developer can use them to take a Green Infrastructure-led approach to a project. 

However, to gain official Building with Nature accreditation, you must work with an approved assessor who will advise you, gather all the necessary information and submit your project for auditing.

Is Building with Nature accreditation mandatory?

Currently, Building with Nature is a voluntary accreditation and is not mandatory. 

However, as the UK’s first Green Infrastructure benchmark, it may be a requirement of planning policy in future; in fact, BwN features in policies already. At TG, we are increasingly aware of planning policy requiring the provision of high-quality GI in accordance with BwN.  

If biodiversity net gain becomes compulsory as part of the Environment Act, Building with Nature will be a practical tool for developers to meet this and other environmental metrics.  

Why is Tyler Grange offering this service?

Building with Nature aligns perfectly with the Tyler Grange ethos. As ecology, arboriculture and landscape consultants, we’re all about collaboration, and we care deeply about our schemes and what they deliver. 

We love to work with like-minded developers similarly attuned to the triple crisis in health, wildlife and climate. As we know, the pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on physical and mental health, and the way landscapes and cities have been managed in recent decades has depleted wildlife at a disastrous rate 

Therefore, being approved to act as BwN assessors speaks to our passion for designing high-quality projects that make our planet a healthier and happier place for all.  

Plus, we’re in good company – Building with Nature board members include Natural England, Taylor Wimpey, RTPI, the Environment Agency and Plymouth City Council. 

Unsurprisingly, it’s gained serious traction with local authorities in urban and rural areas since its launch. We also heard through the grapevine that the local wildlife are pretty pleased about it too! 

Together, we can realise your project goals and provide urban and rural landscapes that people and nature love in equal measure.

How can you get Building with Nature accreditation?

Contact the Tyler Grange team to see how we can work with you to secure Building with Nature accreditation for your next project.  

Together, we can realise your project goals and provide urban and rural landscapes that people and nature love in equal measure. 

Email us on or call 01285 831804 to get started.  

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